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Fatigue Management: Driving Drowsy – Taking Responsibility

Course by: Fleet Safety International

SKU: SAF938400


Fatigue can be a silent killer when driving. Your eyelids droop and your head starts to nod. Yawning becomes almost constant and your vision seems blurry. You blink and blink again; you try to focus your eyes when you suddenly realize that you’ve veered onto the shoulder or into oncoming traffic. Quickly you veer back to your lane. This time you were lucky; next time you could become the latest victim of drowsy driving. This course reviews the dangers of drowsy driving and provides strategies that work to prevent it.

Course Outline

  • Understand the cost of driving drowsy
  • Defining fatigue
  • Understanding sleep
  • Recognizing fatigue
  • Fatigue strategies
    • Strategies that work
    • Strategies that work minimally or short term
    • Strategies that do not work
  • Your responsibilities
Course Details
2 hours
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